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  • Odyssey Charter placed on formal review

    仿微信红包扫雷in response to complaints received by the delaware department of education regarding odyssey charter school’s governance, secretary of education susan bunting is placing the school on formal review.

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  • 17 schools honored for students' academic achievement

    secretary of education susan bunting recognized 17 schools from across the state for their students’ academic achievement today. the students showed exceptional performance on state tests or made remarkable progress in closing the achievement gaps between student groups, including those from low-income families, racial minority groups and students with disabilities.

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  • Grants to expand high school career pathways programs

    secretary of education susan bunting today announced more than $458,000 in federal grants to expand high school career pathway programs and to support all youth in their pursuit of college and career-readiness coursework. the statewide delaware pathways initiative aims to prepare all students to excel in key industries that offer good jobs in today’s economy.

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  • Provide comments on DDOE amendment to EL target

    仿微信红包扫雷the delaware department of education (ddoe) is planning to submit an amendment to adjust the attainment target for english learners (els). this revision comes following a review of el student performance data as measured by the wida access 2.0 assessment, which was rescaled in 2016. ddoe plans to adjust the attainment target from a current overall composite score of pl 5.0 to an overall composite score of pl 4.7. (see background below.) this adjustment will have an impact on how the progress toward english language proficiency measure in the delaware accountability system is calculated.

    Comments on this proposed amendment are due Friday, Feb. 14 to continuous.improvement@doe.k12.xiongcr.icu仿微信红包扫雷. Once DDOE has reviewed all comments received and has made any appropriate modifications to the proposed plan amendment, the comments will be made available to the U.S. Department of Education (USED) as part of the state’s amendment request.

    Background: DDOE has historically used a 5.0 composite scale score on the ACCESS assessment as the point in which English learners demonstrate English language proficiency and no longer retain the English learner identification. DDOE made the decision in 2017 to retain the same attainment target criteria of a 5.0 composite performance level despite the rescaling of the assessment in that same year.  This decision was made to allow the DDOE to review students’ performance for several years on the newly scaled assessment.  Two years of student data now demonstrate that the composite performance level of 5.0 is currently requiring English learners in Delaware to perform at higher levels than their non-English learner peers.  After careful analysis of content assessment proficiency scores, it has been determined that English learners demonstrate a similar ability to succeed as their non-English learner peers (as measured by the statewide English language arts content assessment) when they achieve a proficiency level of 4.7 on the ACCESS for ELs assessment.  This change is required so English learners are appropriately measured and reclassified (exited) from English learner status. 

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  • Provide feedback on Delaware Ed-Flex application

    ddoe is applying to the u.s. department of education for waivers of certain federal grant requirements. this application process is called ed-flex and is made available to states through the education flexibility partnership act of 1999, as evidenced by the more-recent every student succeeds act (essa). ed-flex provides states, districts and charter schools with increased flexibility in implementing federal education programs.

    Learn more about Delaware’s Ed-Flex application and provide comments online at


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  • Building a New DOE Website
    The Delaware Department of Education is a building a new site to serve you better. We are taking a fresh look at the DOE website and rebuilding it from the ground up to make it more closely aligned with your needs. Please be patient with us while our site is under improvement.

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  • is posted on the state's website.

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